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Jan 18, 2019,
Great service
Jan 18, 2019,
Mark was very succinct and comprehensive in his resolution of my PHP coding issue and willing to go the extra step to assist me in the process.
Jan 18, 2019,
Quick response with helpful, clear and concise information.
Jan 18, 2019,
Support over the phone was perfect. He was very patient with me and supportive. The support through email was helpful but I prefer over the phone. It was quick, easy, and they stuck with me til the end. Unlike an email where I might not get results right away and I have to potentially wait for hours to get a reply.
Jan 17, 2019,
eric was just very helpful. JD, too.
Jan 16, 2019,
I love and continue to recommend Lunarpages! The staff is always so kind, polite and thoughtful.
Jan 15, 2019,
Have gotten excellent phone support from you. Thanks!
Jan 15, 2019,
We have enjoyed the Speedy, Intelligent, knowledgeable service provided by your telephone service for managed/hosting.
Jan 15, 2019,
Professional, caring, helpful , thorough: answered all my concerns.
Jan 13, 2019,
Eric solve the problem and got me up and going. Thank you
Jan 12, 2019,
Talking to the technician was pleasant and he made everything clear to me. He was professional and gave me the information I needed. I would recommend Lunarpages easily.
Jan 11, 2019,
JD was very helpful and understanding that I really needed help with my website(s). I have been a customer since 1998 when I uploaded my first website.
Jan 11, 2019,
Your tech, JD , was very helpful, to say the least. Went out of his way to assist me in teaching me how to upload to my website(s). I have been a customer since 1998 and appreciate the attention. Tell him I will call him tomorrow (Friday to discuss a certain glitch on that which he was working) but be assured... he was great!!
Jan 10, 2019,
Jan 10, 2019,
Mark was patient and very complete - Thank you
Jan 8, 2019,
Password problem for setting up my new I-Pad Mini 4 completed a fix very quickly. Thank you.
Jan 8, 2019,
Website was being blocked from our IP address
Jan 8, 2019,
Great and VERY helpful service!
Jan 7, 2019,
My client had an email shutdown and I called LP to find out what was going on. First support tech whitemailed the client IP, but they were still having problems, so that next support tech found out that the public_html was full and they were running out of disk space and asked that I go in and clean it up. Did so and everything is good! Thanks, LP, you guys are ALWAYS courteous, professional, and helpful.
Jan 4, 2019,
Solved my issue - Thanks Marc
Jan 3, 2019,
James was extremely helpful. Thanks!
Jan 2, 2019,
Thank you for the excellent service. The information provided was everything I need to get my site up and running.
Jan 2, 2019,
Excellent features. Good support.
Jan 2, 2019,
Technical support was very helpful. Even with shared service, an analyst was available by phone within a minute or two and determined a resolution to my issue.
Dec 30, 2018,
Even though I am a basic hosting client, the support agent helped me knowing it was an easy fix.
Dec 28, 2018,
A great hosting service with a more than courteous and competent support staff. Site admin is easy using the provided Control Panel based apps and utilities. We have been satisfied customers for over 10 years now.
Dec 28, 2018,
Mark was very nice, professional and friendly. Our IP was blocked once again! (insert eye roll here.) Mark could not explain why computers sometimes only send through partial information when checking email and therefore having to login more than 2-3x. I wonder why this is never a problem with our other email accounts on other servers. Wish this wasn't a reoccuring obstacle so much.
Dec 27, 2018,
Thanks for your help
Dec 27, 2018,
Excellent service.
Dec 27, 2018,
Awesome - Keep up the great work!
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